Online Interactive Notebooks

I have already showed you how I use Google Sites to keep track of my own personal learning in Notetaking in Professional Development.  Now I’d like to share how last school year I started using Google Sites as a replacement for Interactive Notebooks.  I worked in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) campus.  I had the luxury of a 1 to 1 classroom and students were enrolled in my classroom for a maximum of 18 weeks.  Teachers at the student’s home campus usually did not send the student’s Interactive Notebook with them when they were enrolled at the DAEP, so I started using Google Sites.  As a bonus, when the students went back to their home campus, all of their work was online and accessible by them and their teachers.

Here is a link to the template I use for my 8th Grade Science students.

I have my students use this as a template for their own Google Site.  You can see that it is also an outline of everything they will be learning this school year.  Each unit represents a six-weeks grading period.  Students like this because it lets them know where we will be going this year.  Parents love it because they know exactly what their students are working on in class and can check on their student’s Google Site to see what they have done in class.

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How have you used Google Sites with your students?  Do the students like it?  What about the parents?  How do you keep up with all of the student sites?