Automatic Classroom Seating Chart Maker – Updated

A seating chart is one of the most important tools in a teacher’s arsenal in classroom management.  Happy Class makes this an easy task and potentially saves hours and hours of work.


First you setup your classroom with the seats arranged they are in your classroom.  Next you input the names of your students.  Much like any other seating chart app, Happy Class automatically arranges all of the students in a random order.  The power comes in teaching Happy Class the relationships of the students.

Happy Class allows you to teach it which students work well next to each other and which students should not sit next to each other.  This is an awesome power to have!  I have used it for one class so far and it helped me tremendously.  I projected the seating chart onto the screen and had the students find their new seats.  I was able to easily tweak the new seating chart on the fly by dragging the names of students to the corresponding seats.

Overall, Happy Class worked really well.  I was very impressed with the interface and ease of use.  It is free to use for one classroom and one roster of students.  In my opinion the price of $15/yr  is steep for the Pro account.  The Pro account does allow an unlimited number of students, unlimited number of classrooms, and unlimited number of class rosters.

Again, for one teacher this seems overly expensive, however if you work in a team of teachers the $15 could be divided by the number of teachers on your team.  My only concern would be as the number of teachers using the same account increase so do the chances that someone will accidentally mess up another teacher’s classroom.

Happy Class is a very cool concept and worth a look.  Let me know what you think in the comments.


I have since run into problems using Happy Class.  I have contacted tech support several times and alerted them via Twitter also.  My problems have not been resolved.    In a large class with many relationships, it is freezing on Achieving Happiness.  This has been a huge frustration.