Easier Collaboration Within Teams

We teachers have to collaborate with different groups of people every day.  I have a team of  teachers teaching other core subjects.


I also collaborate with my fellow 8th Grade Science teachers on campus.that mostly have the same students as I do.

Emails can get lost or buried within all of the other emails we have to deal with.  To-do apps are not synced within our teams and a dozen different calendars are used.

Groupiful can help with all of this.  You can create a Group for each team you are involved in.

The Dashboard has a convenient layout of Assigned Tasks, Recent Notes, Events (Calendar), a place to share Files, and a place for Posts.  Think of Assigned Tasks as a To-Do list that is assigned to a person in the group.  You may choose to keep your Meeting Minutes in the Notes section.  The Events is much like any other Calendar with an Agenda view.  Files is a place to share files, much like DropBox.

Groupiful has a Starter plan that is free for 10 users and 100 MB of storage.  Paid plans range from $60/yr for 25 users and 500 MB storage all the way up to $360/yr for 100 users and 5GB storage.  It is not clear whether the storage is per user or per group.

How does your team keep track of everything?  Is it supplied by your school?  What do you like or dislike about your current system?  Let us know in the comments.